Sunday, June 27, 2010

WoOt wOoT! Me Back!

Yay!! Me backs me backs! Sooo me never was officially gones but mine bff Lilipoos has been visiting me this whole past week and it was crazy to finds time to actually be arounds. It was sooo funs get see her again and nots has a silly screen between us but I missed everyones so much, especially mine family. For some reason I think things has been a little offs latelies in mine SL worlds, juss lots of junk was going on and misunderstandins maybe. I think this past week helped me clear mine head a lil bits. Now that some junk has been talked abouts and i gots a breather i soo excited get back!! I got lots cool stuff look forward to! im gunna has a baby sisser or brudder soon! That's making mommy really FAT! and and camp comming up soon! and school!! even though homeworks laaame i miss mommy teachin! theeen regular school start up affer camp! I also juss found out lots more peoples me know are bloggin now so me excited read some theirs and see what them been up tos!! AnYWAAAAYS! *pokes yous nosie* im back!!

p.s. muah and junk xoxo


  1. yayys ims glad your back n i missed you! i already tolds you in skype but i tellin you agains :D *huggs n junk* :P

  2. MY ANGEL!!! <3 Daddy is so happy to have you back! Oh my goodness.. I missed you so much!