Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy's Day

So it's almost Daddy's Day and that gots me thinkin bout how great mine daddy really is. The first time me ever talked to mine daddy he let me put bows in hims hair and told me whats a great hairdresser me was. Right then me knew him was a keeper!! normally peoples think I should go backs to beautyschools but not mine daddy! I hads a daddy once befores and me was happy...for like a couple days...then slowly him started showing the kind of person him was, which was someone me didn't respects too much. But with mine daddy I lubbed him rights away and now lubs him more and more all the times ..not the other way round like it was before. I lub the way mine daddy cares so much about mommy and bout our family. Him not like lots other daddys me seens. Him really likes be there for us and cares what we doing. Him let me put makeup on him once!! Him was real pretties but I not loud to tells people bout that...oopsie! *covers mine mouth* jk!! yeah! mine daddy's really greats! I nots ever had that greats relationship with mine rl daddy so me really values what me has now and me ams blessed to has him! If you read this daddy, me lubs you!! HAPPY DADDY'S DAY!!


  1. Oh my goodness! I thought I posted a comment already! Silly me. ANGELLLL thank you so much for today =) I know your weekend was busy and this coming week is busy for you too, but daddy appreciates it and loves you so so much. Miss you lots. Nosiebears <3

  2. Nosiebears <3 i miss you too daddy!!! I lubs you as big as a rhino!