Friday, June 18, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog...

MMkay sooo mine mommy and daddy's been bloggin for a lil bits now which is something me has always been wanting to try but didn't know how to start! Just setting this thingie up was craziness, you can ask them! So anyway, now me sitting here about to take off on mine bloggin journey *looks off into the distance and sighs* ...all worthwhile journeys deserve a sigh...and I'm wonderin how this whole thing works and what I should talks about. Mommy and daddy are using theirs to talks about stuff them do in SL which i think is a pretty spiffy idea so I think I'm gunna do the same! If you're not in SL you won't care about this one bit, but that's okay! I'm easily ammused and it'll keep me busy anyway :D Plus! it's about time me starts reflectin on stuff that goes on in mine lil world and up in mine noggin *knocks on it and giggles* I think it's gunna be a good thing :D P.S. Did you know dinosaurs are full of nonsense?

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